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Why is having an Energy Clearance Important?

When we consider that our subconscious mind acts like a video recorder, recording every minute of our existence since birth, and that every experience (good or bad) leaves an energy imprint in our energy fields. These energy imprints can influence our decisions and beliefs about ourselves in positive or negative ways throughout our lives. Therefore, having our energy field cleared and on a regular basis can be very beneficial to our overall well-being.

Are Distant Energy Healings as effective as those in person?

Yes they are. Energy has no boundaries or limits. Once the client has confirmed the appointment and has given permission for the Distant Energy Healing to take place, it is as effective as them being with me in person.

What do I do during the Distant Energy Healing Treatment?

10-15 minutes before the treatment, I will contact you to ask if there is anything in particular that you would like me to work on during the healing session. Then, all you need to do is find a quiet place and relax, whether it is sitting watching TV or lighting a candle and lying on your bed  while listening to relaxing music. Whatever you feel comfortable with is fine with me. The healing works whatever way you choose to relax.

How is The Energy Reading given?

The Energy Reading will be recorded on WhatsApp and will be sent to you once the Energy Healing Treatment has finished. Some aspects of the reading could include removal of certain other people's energy from your field or a message from a deceased loved one but mostly the Energy Reading is about how you are feeling, thinking etc. about the current outside influences in your life. As a psychic, the information I receive usually comes through clairvoyantly which means I usually see insights about your life through your energy field via images or short videos. 

Will I feel anything during the Distant Energy Healing Treatment?

Some clients do and some clients do not. It depends on your sensitivity to energy. Clients have often fallen asleep, have seen colours when their eyes have been closed or have had loved ones who have passed over visit them while they were asleep. Some have experienced tingly sensations on their bodies but most often, clients feel energised or calm and relaxed after the treatment - especially if they were suffering with anxiety before the session.

Are your Distant Energy Healing Treatments suitable for all ages?

Yes, they are. To date my youngest client was still in the womb and my oldest client was 87 years old. The energy used during a treatment is of a very light, high and positive vibration that anyone can benefit from.

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