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Catherine O'Grady

Why I became an Energy Healing Practitioner

W hat started out as a personal quest to find out how and why I could sense what I could from people and places, eventually led me to learn Reiki. I needed to understand energy how it affected me on a daily basis. I t's probably safe to say that I have never had a "normal" day in my life. Well, what most of us would consider normal anyway. We are used to only believing in what we can see, hear, touch, taste and smell and that's how we live our lives. What I couldn't understand was how  I could pick up someone else's thoughts, feelings and physical pains - without them even ever saying a word, or even being in the same room as me.

It was only after many years that I learned the reason - I naturally process the world around me on an energy level first, then my thoughts, feelings and emotions step in. Diving in head first with a reasoning mind in an attempt to make sense of a situation, is not something I have ever done. To me, it would be like putting the "cart before the horse". I've always used my intuition first.


Psychic Abilities

The building block to psychic abilities is enhanced intuition. We are all intuitive, to varying degrees. Some are born with a naturally higher level of intuition, and some work on developing this innate ability. Intuition is natural ability which is our own personal guide in life. It is effective in keeping us out of harms way (through our "gut feelings"), and always guides us to make decisions for our highest divine benefit. Psychic ability is when you can tune into another person's energy and read it. That is what psychics do. Mediums also tune into their client's energy field in order to connect with the person in spirit that they wish to communicate with. The energy of loved ones who have passed remain in our energy fields, a constant connection until we meet again.

As a psychic who works with energy, there is no past/present/future. Everything is in the now for each client. I can see the energy of other people in my clients' energy fields and energy they picked up from places and buildings they have visited. If this energy is not cleared away, it eventually manifests as a physical symptom such as fatigue, brain fog, insomnia and anxiety. Only our personal energy, should be in our energy fields.

Growing up I knew nothing about energy, I just thought everyone else was the same as me. I remember exactly when I thought that either I was different, or everyone else was! Walking home from school one day a friend of mine caught up to walk with me. She was delighted that she had got full marks in a test at school and was really excited to tell her mother about her great achievement. She said something along the lines of "I just hate it when I don't know where she is in the house and I have to run around everywhere to find her". I just listened and replied "do you not just stand in the porch, shut your eyes for a second and see what room she is in and then go to her ?" My friend fixed me with a perplexed look on her face and just replied "no". It was then that I decided to keep what I could do a secret from everyone. I just wanted to be "normal" and I hoped that I would just grow out of whatever it was. Suffice to say that I did not.



Dur ing my first Reiki Healing Course, anytime I was working on a client, I would see their angels beside them, gently guiding me as I worked.  I've been able to see angels since I was a child, so I was surprised and delighted to know that they were now helping me during my Energy Healing Treatments. From then on, I've always called upon my angels, and my client's angels, to help me during my  Energy He aling Treatments.

If you would like to learn a little more about Reiki chakras, the link below is a good place to start:

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