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The Little Healing Cottage - Distant Healings

Catherine O'Grady

I am a qualifed Reiki and Angel Healing practitioner with over 16 years experience. I set up The Little Healing Cottage in 2017 and today I offer  DISTANT Energy Healing Treatments  which include aPsychic Energy Reading.


I have always worked remotely with my clients based in other countries although having never met them in person. Being a natural psychic , and having the ability to tune into another person's energy field, makes my Distant Energy Healing Treatments both possible and effective.

Some Benefits of Distant Energy Healing Treatments


Physical Pain

The study in the link below found that people being treated for cancer who received Distant Reiki in addition to regular medical care had lower levels of pain, anxiety, and fatigue. These levels were significantly lower than the control group, who only received medical care. Participants had 30-minute sessions of Distant Reiki for five days.

https: // 163604/  

Improves Mental and Emotional Health

Reiki treatments may be used as part of a treatment plan to help relieve depression. In a small 2010 study (link below), researchers looked at the effects of reiki on older adults experiencing pain, depression, or anxiety. The participants reported an improvement of their physical symptoms, mood, and well-being. They also reported more feelings of relaxation, increased curiosity, and enhanced levels of self-care. 

Enhances Overall Quality of Life

The positive benefits of Reiki can enhance your overall well-being. Researchers in a small 2016 study (link below) found that 

Reiki was helpful in improving the quality of life for women with cancer. Women who had Reiki showed improvements to their sleep patterns, self-confidence, and depression levels. They noted a sense of calm, inner peace, and relaxation. 6

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