The Little Healing Cottage 

 A place to heal the mind, body and spirit  

How Long does a Healing Session Last?

The healing session lasts for one hour. It begins with a quick consultation followed by the energy healing and finishes with a review of the treatment.

How are the Healing Sessions Conducted?

The client lies fully clothed upon a blanketed plinth with another blanket over them. Catherine places her hands a few inches above the client's body so that she can channel the healing energy though to the person's energy field.  As the healing is integrated by the client on a subconscious level,  they are free to just close their eyes and enjoy the calming experience. 

Why have people requested healing sessions?

Below are some examples of the situations which guide clients to book a healing session with Catherine;

1) Clients struggling to cope with the loss of a loved one

2) Patients seeking the removal of heavy energy caused by the medication and treatments being used to combat their illness

3) Those with physical pain or injury

4) People suffering from mental and emotional stress and physical exhaustion

What is the fee for a healing treatment?

A Reiki or Angel Healing treatment lasts an hour and the fee is €60.